The safe way to report drug dealing criminals from the safety of your home and your identity will be kept completely confidential.



Do you suspect that meth is being manufactured or sold in your neighborhood? If so, you and your family could be at risk for a number of dangers related to meth use or production. These dangers are described on this site under Meth. Don't hesitate to report suspicious activity, smells, or meths individual ingredients you may see. Remember, you could save a life, not to mention help reduce crime in your neighborhood.


There are more good people than bad around us. But many are scared to stand up and do something about drug activity. So many people are afraid that by calling the police on their local drug dealers, they will face violent retaliation!
This site gives everyone a risk free way of joining the fight. The youth and the users know who the suppliers are. Please report them. No one will ever find out where the police get the information. You can make a difference!

This site is here to serve Fresno, CA